When you look in someone’s family album, each snapshot captures a piece of their life. As you continue leafing through the collection of memories, you realize that you are gaining insight into their life story. Let me share with you some word pictures that will allow you to catch a glimpse of who I am.


Imperfect Follower of Christ

Relationships are key to my survival; paramount is the relationship I have with my Lord. You see, like us all, I am a cracked vessel, and no matter how much I may attempt to fix this fact, I’m still broken. But, therein, lies the beauty of my faith. We all can approach our Maker broken and flawed, but at the same time confident in the hope that Christ can take that which is broken and make it useable, purposeful and beautiful in His time.  We truly are His masterpieces!


Family Friendly

Family is the backbone of who I am. Family has been that safe space for me to let my guard down and just be me. My husband, Doug, and grown kids, Parks and Hallie, have seen me on my messy bun, sweat pant, “need to wash my face” days and loved me all the same. They are strong where I’m weak and provide invaluable insight. We laugh, cry, adventure, raise our voices (we aren’t yellers), tease, praise, advise, and embrace each other’s quirks and silliness because that’s what families do. Relationship is everything and I’m eternally grateful for each in my circle of friends and family.

Avid Life Learner


Stories are powerful and have remained with me long after the words have been read. I was one of those unusual children that actually asked for books for special occasion gifts and jumped for joy at their unwrapping. What a nerd, right?! The desire to ask questions, seek understanding, engage in transformational conversations, and research topics have been a lifetime passion. Learning collectively only enhances this process. 

Bridge Builder

Bridges are useful in providing a way to travel from Point A to Point B, spanning the chasm in between. Metaphorically, bridges link the gap between knowledge and action, stalemate and relationship, baby boomers and millennials; bridging the divide of cultures, personalities, and communication styles. This building of bridges relationally and professionally brings me significant pleasure. Finding common ground and a way to move forward united always energizes me and often leads to the accomplishment of my goals and dreams.


Nature Lover

Nature is my playground and my oasis. Some of my greatest adventures and brainstorming opportunities are done in the great outdoors. Never lacking in inspiration, it’s my go-to when I can’t seem to wrap my mind around an idea. There’s this uncanny way that nature is able to broaden my perspective while at the same time narrow my focus.

Visual Learner

If you can illustrate a word picture with a story you tell, I will embrace it and remember it days later. If you utilize an object to teach a lesson, it’s like a post-it note, sticking to my mind. Being able to visualize the topic at hand has always led to greater remembrance and implementation on my part. So don’t be surprised if I bring up SpongeBob in teaching about remaining filled up and saturated.

Love a Good Underdog Story!

Meaning… no one is a lost cause in my mind.