Who Needs Formulas?

Our society is driven by formulas, self-help steps, and quick-fix methods. But in reality, do formulas resolve our weaknesses, problems, and ailments? Okay, other than math and particular sciences. Do they really hold the key to answers and life transformation? Or are they simply a mirage tempting us with hope and an easy way forward only to leave us once again empty and hopeless.

Life is jam packed with questions of why, where, when, and how long. However, answers to life’s difficulties and heartbreak rarely arrive neatly packaged. Instead, they tend to meander alongside our path --- intersecting at just the right time and with just the amount of information we are prepared to digest. There is a mystery to this life that cannot be adequately explained and involves a lifetime journey of discovery. Life is meant to be experienced and radically lived, and within this endeavor we bump up against life’s questions. Questions will always be; problems will always present themselves; sickness and heartache will accompany our steps. But these are not meant to leave us in despair. In fact, it may be the motivation needed to spur us to seek our Lord, authentically pursuing thankfulness, relationship, and direction.

Formulas are objective, short-lived, and often empty of substance. Relationships, even with our Creator/Redeemer are messy, subjective, and lifelong but full of meaning and purpose. The greatest blessings in life do not come in gift wrap from Nordstrom’s and an exquisite bow on top. They come “out of sorts”, mysterious, unexplainable, faith-based, and full of surprises.

Let me offer an illustration --- AKA --- my children. There were no formulas; what worked with one didn’t the other --- who knew?! They literally exploded out of both ends of their body and kept me up in the middle of the night for undefined reasons. But oh, the mystery of the joy that flooded my being when they smiled and cooed at me. There was neither method nor blueprint to parenting; no perfect way forward was available. Instead, in its place, was a desire to ask questions, pursue relationship, and a willingness to travel the winding road riddled with ups and downs, detours, graveled paths, and harrowing bridges with my two little ones. And I was richer for the adventure.

You see, formulas and easy answers never satisfy because they are deceptive; promising us easy fixes, shortcuts, and pat answers that don’t exist in our daily narratives. Life’s questions are often resolved in the heat of battle, in the daily writing of our story through trial and error, in our determination to not quit but persevere. And guess what you won’t find your purpose or passion in a formula either. You build your passion and purpose right where you are… in the present (Shout out to Liz Forkin Bohannon for her book Beginner’s Pluck that led me to this discovery). So… the next time you are tempted to break life down into a formula --- Don’t! Allow yourself to experience life --- all of it! Stop, breathe deeply, listen intently, radically seek, and always ask! For in the messy, the less than perfect, the unknown, you just may discover beauty, fulfillment, and abundance.

Got Books?

Books have been my solace amidst chaos, my escape from the mundane, my exploration into unknown worlds. A good story weaves itself into my heart, taking me captive until the final written word. Delving into the written word has the power to inspire, literally changing the direction of its recipient. Biographies share experience and wisdom gained by our fellow sojourners as they tackle specific struggles, overcome obstacles, pursue hope, and remind us of what is possible. Overall, the words penned on sheets of paper have:

v  Entertained

v  Inspired

v  Coached

v  Reminded me of Truth

v  Allowed me to Dream

v  Hope

v  Believe

v  Changed my perspective

v  And readjusted my view on life

Pouring over the written word has allowed me the privilege to enter another’s world and leave a bit different than when the first word was read. Thought provoking questions, hope secure as an anchor, inspiration that influences behavior and direction, navigational devices for the future, entertainment ---all these are reasons to read.

Don’t have money for a vacation, open a book to travel anywhere you want. Feel stuck in life? Turn the pages of a biography to see how others have learned to rise above their difficulties. Need a break from reality? Feast your eyes on a story that takes you to another place. In a perpetual cycle of hopelessness? Dive into the pages of the Living Word, otherwise known as the Bible. You might be surprised by what you find.

Don’t allow reading to become a lost art in your life.  

Now where did I leave that book?

Shagae Jones
Season of Doing Without

Recently I had a conversation with a loved one on the discipline of fasting. They expressed the premise that fasting should only take place if led in your spirit to do so. I agreed. But like so often happens, my mind continued to return to this concept of fasting, going without for a greater purpose to be reached. When a concept begins to marinate within my soul, I know I must put pen to paper. And boy, did I write and write. So consider this blog a launching pad into this deep, sometimes controversial subject. Subscribe to my e-mails where I will give in flight directions as we soar to new heights in our practice of this discipline which is finding wings in our society again. You say, “Not in my circles!” Really, have you seen studies or listened to the benefits of the following:

v  Detoxing the body through a water cleanse or water fast

v  Powering down --- taking a break (fast) from social media and other media devises

v  Purging your “stuff” to live more simply and purposely

v  Blocking out time in your calendar to be present, create, and be still

These are all quality of life actions; they are to stimulate realignment with what is most important in our lives. All these would be a type of “fasting”, a self-denial with an end result in the wings. So as is so often the case, Biblical principles are beneficial whether you practice the Christian tradition or not. Our Creator has put certain tenets in place that work across the board and this is one. Sometimes you can only receive proper perspective with emptying your hands of what fills them.

Fasting has been seen as a denial of food or other item in order to demonstrate the seriousness of our faith or religious practices. However, what if we looked at it as a cleansing, a rebalancing of our soul, body, and purpose? Our purpose for abstaining isn’t to “get” what we want or to receive “brownie points” for showing such restraint. As I poured over the Scriptures, there were some interesting finds for me that will be shared in my e-mails during this season before Easter.  So don’t forget to subscribe to my e-mails www.shagaejones.com.

The motivation for fasting, purging, powering down, etc. should be to experience the opposite of abstaining… INDULGE. I know it’s an oxymoron that life throws us. By abstaining from the non-essentials, the” background noise” of our lives, we actually are freed  to indulge in things we often overlook --- rest, peace, focus, direction,...ultimately our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Practically, here are a couple examples:

v  Abstain from needless spending to indulge in giving generously of what you save.

v  Give up binge-watching Netflix so you can indulge in a project you’ve left on the back burner for far too long.

v  Rest on the Sabbath so you may indulge in restoration for your soul.

v  Step away from a meal to fill that space with prayer and reflection, relating to your Abba.

This year’s Lent Season lasts from March 6th – April 18th; each week you can receive an e-mail from me with helpful tips to utilize this season as an opportunity to seek our Lord without the distractions, appetites, etc. that so often cloud our judgement. It allows us to be open to receive what our Restorer knows we need. Whether you consider yourself a follower of Christ or not, I challenge you to pursue the discipline of this season. Test it and see what results you experience on the other side of doing without.


Shagae Jones
Give Thanks

Give Thanks!

Thankfulness and worry cannot simultaneously coexist. Thankfulness displaces worry, discouragement, and anxiety. We can be caught in the throes of despair but our soul suddenly begins to lighten when our focus and energy turns to Thanksgiving! It truly is an amazing phenomenon how hope pervades the spirit once our mind remembers all our many blessings!

So count them, each and every day … count the extraordinary and the ordinary… you will be surprised how your soul sprouts wings and soars. There is no complicated formula nor specific phrases to be chanted. It’s simplistic in nature but takes focus and perseverance to remain in a perspective of thankfulness. Make it a habit to practice thankfulness.

“,,, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6-7

Tools to Incorporate this Season:

  • ·         Read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

  • ·         Keep a Thankful Journal by your side

  • ·         As family and friends meet this holiday season, may your table be an opportunity for each to share the blessings of the year. Watch out: it can be contagious!

  • ·         Wake each morning and name three things your thankful for before your feet hit the ground.

  • ·         Volunteer; the experience of volunteering can remind you of all the gifts you have been given.

Shagae Jones
Changing With the Seasons

The multi-colored shade of trees,

     the crunch of brown and brittle leaves underfoot,

          a sea of brilliant red and orange hues that span acres,

               the crisp and invigorating air,

                    a flickering flame of a bonfire dancing in the night,     

                         the lazy afternoon spent at the apple orchard sipping on a cider slushy,

                              the plump and deep orange pumpkin find,

           freshly baked glazed pumpkin cookies,          

                pumpkin seeds roasted with just the right amount of seasoning,

        melt-in-your mouth pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream

--- did I say pumpkin?!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and not just because I love everything pumpkin. Something about the crisp fresh air after the scorching heat of summer refreshes my soul. The beauty of the leaves as they change colors overnight and the ground covered with a rainbow of yellow, orange, and red always brings a smile to my face. “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Yes, you heard me right. I realize I’m one of the last people to welcome change. I tend to be the one to cling to something because it is familiar, known, and comfortable. But this season teaches a different lesson. The trees let go of their leaves for a time in order to prepare for the future bloom. Fall reminds us that change is inevitable but always involves a beauty that was not there before. Change can be terrifying and difficult, but at the same time captivatingly wonderful.

For as we learn to “let go” as the trees shed their leaves, we are able to embrace the growth within us. As the old saying goes, “God cannot fill hands already full.” Think about it. If we are holding on to past hurts, habits, and attitudes, noticing the potential growth and change within will be problematic. In order to embrace what will be --- to embody what God is blooming within us ---we must be willing to let go of what was. As we hold in awe the unwrapping of the leaves from their branches, may we ask ourselves what habits, mindsets, addictions, and worries do we need to “let go” of. In return, what passions, thought processes, behaviors, and attributes do we need to fill our being with? For as Holley Gerth says, “Let’s remember we are all still in the middle of the messy, beautiful work of becoming.”


Shagae Jones
Be Attitudes

Do you want to live an abundant life, overflowing into the lives of others? If yes, follow these “Be” attitudes and watch how it impacts you and the world around you.

Be salt; be the difference maker who adds flavor and purpose to the lives of those around you!

Be rare; keep your word. Do what you say!

Be peaceful; live at peace with others, and when possible and healthy, seek out restoration with those you are at odds with.

Be careful; what your eyes see can make an unhealthy home in your mind, convicting you as if you had acted upon it.

Be merciful; you never know when you may need mercy.

Be humble; it’s been said people will follow a leader who is real more than one who is right.

Be loving; always do well for others even when it’s hard.

Be giving; the saying it’s more blessed to give than receive is true. Try it!

Be relational; relate authentically to your Creator for He knows you best! You can’t be the best version of yourself without this action.

Be sacrificial; abstaining from something for the right reasons provides proper perspective and purpose moving forward.

Be joyful; shove worry out of the picture as it seeks to rob you of joy.

Be forgiving; pull the weeds from your own garden rather than judging someone else’s! There’s plenty in your own garden to keep you busyJ

Be silent and receptive; the voice of Him who created you and can rescue you is often a quiet whisper. Ask, seek, and knock… and then listen!

Be unique; the path of most resistance is usually well worth the challenge.

Be productive; seek the gardener of your soul as He is the only One able to bear the necessary fruit that gives life and blessing to those around you.

Be resolute; build your life upon a foundation that will withstand the storms of life and allow you the freedom to dance in the rain!

Be still; create space to be in His presence and learn to trust again!

Be renewed… restored… rebuilt!

These “Be” attitudes may seem suspiciously familiar to those who have read chapters 5- 7 in the gospel of Matthew (the first part commonly called the Beatitudes). Recently, while reading these passages, I grabbed my journal and allowed the pen to quickly travel across the paper in an attempt to capture at least a portion of how Christ might utilize these principles within our lives. However, I know that many of you may not share my faith. Even so, most of these “Be” attitudes can still be applied to your life and bring benefit. If you pursue the ultimate endeavor (seeking the One who created you and holds the keys to your purpose- filled future), I believe you will be blessed beyond measure!

Shagae Jones
The Enneagram Journey

Who would have thought that a casual conversation with a friend at the NCCA Men’s Swimming and Diving Championship Meet would have motivated me to join the ranks of those pursuing the life journey of the Enneagram? Then again, I’ve never believed in coincidence, instead carrying a firm faith that our seemingly simple dialogues, unplanned circumstances, and surprise encounters are divine appointments orchestrated from above to place us exactly where we need to be on our journey called life. Let’s just say that my interest was piqued enough that I made a healthy contribution to an online shopping destination by purchasing four books on the ancient Enneagram. As I dove into my research, a spark was ignited that has not occurred when exploring other personality models.  My daughter says I’m obsessed, and she’s intrigued, which ironically fits our presumed types quite well.

One major caveat before I embark on a brief overview to whet your appetite to pursue this journey… this ancient personality guide doesn’t have all the answers; it won’t solve all your problems, and it shouldn’t be lifted to a pedestal ignoring all other models. However, treat it as one tool that will provide guidance in understanding yourself and others better and assistance to moving towards a healthier version of your type (1-9).

Enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea (meaning nine) and gram (figure or drawing). Nine specific personality types are distinguished and analyzed. Each type determines what you do and why you do it (behaviors and more importantly the motivation behind those actions), lays out the healthy and unhealthy side of your specific personality, and the needs and deadly sin correlated with each type.  In addition, there are triads, wings, and stress/security numbers that contribute to helping each of us discover more insight into what makes us tick. The goal is not to identify your type and then conveniently say, “Well, too bad, I’m a _____________ so that’s my excuse to be this way.” The challenge presented is to begin to address the unhealthy thinking/behavior/perceptions of your type and seek specific growth in these areas.

As we gain insight into how we perceive and interact with the world, we naturally become inquisitive to how other types might see things a bit differently. We receive insight on how our type interacts with others and the nuances associated with other types. This knowledge is powerful for relationships in friendships, marriage, parenting, work, etc. After I was introduced to this, I turned to my husband and said. “If we had known this when we married, we would have had quite an advantage in understanding each other.” Likewise, if we had known this information when our children were younger, many of the big, bold question marks of the reason behind their actions would have been discovered.  And how much better would working environments be with this enlightenment?

The Enneagram is a gift to help us better understand ourselves and the lens through which others see. Think going to an eye doctor…He switches out lenses quicker than a wet pig slipping through our hands. He does it with such expertise and quickly determines which lens will best suit our eyes. None of the lenses are wrong or defective just because they don’t fit our eyesight needs. We are all distinctly unique; even within each personality type. But just like the optometrist’s lenses… there are no wrong lenses… just unique and specifically suited for each of us.

The purpose is never to pigeon hole ourselves or those we love but gain insight and understanding to the motivations, passions, and behaviors all around us. This is one way to bridge the gap between misunderstandings, conflicts, and polar opposite ways of thinking. This path of exploration has the ability to open our eyes not only to self- awareness, but compassion for one another as we see people as they are. Understanding others perspective through their specific lens, frees us to not take people’s idiosyncrasies so personal and to recognize the strengths and weaknesses within each type. And the beauty is each type has something unique and essential to offer the world around them.

Thanks Anne Dobbs (www.annedobbs.com) for that poolside chat that has led me on this path of personal transformation!

Have I created enough interest for you to desire to learn more? If yes, here are just a few ways to begin this journey:

  • Check out these books: The Sacred Enneagram (Christopher L. Heuertz), The Road Back to You (Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile), and The Path Between Us (Suzanne Stabile)

  • Check out You Tube series by Sandals Church (Enneagram)

  • Take the test to begin the discovery of your type at www.enneagraminstitute.com; take the RHETI test

  • If you live locally (Indianapolis area), contact me to join my small group to explore this topic together

  • Contact me to speak to your business, group, organization on this topic


Shagae Jones
Procrastination No More!

The little boy steps to the plate, licks his lips and chokes up on the bat. Will he swing today or remain in place banking on the chance that the pitcher will throw four balls. He was known for waiting for that elusive perfect pitch; he was content to take a walk. However, today he began to wonder what it would feel like to hear the bat connect with the ball in such a way that it sailed past the heads in the outfield. He knew he would have to swing at some point; you couldn’t move up in little league without some hits. As the ball came straight at him, he had another thought that entered his mind leading to his paralysis on the plate --- “What if I strike out?”

And there lies the authentic reason many of us procrastinate. We may tell ourselves we are too busy, the timing is off, or more resources are needed. These make us feel better, but they in no way assist us in moving past our fear of moving forward. Here are three simple steps that have aided me in reducing the habit of procrastination in my own life.

  •  Accountability --- If that little league player continues to stand at the plate without swinging, his coach is going to have a heart to heart conversation with him in an attempt to hold him accountable. Every time I’m accountable to someone and set deadlines, I become more productive and kick procrastination to the side. I actually fear having to report back that I didn’t try than I attempted and failed.
  •  Accept Uncontrollable Variables --- Often what leads to procrastination is the inability to control variables like the unknown, other’s acceptance, or outcomes. The critical decision when overwhelmed with what might occur (and to which you have no control) is to step forward despite realizing you only have control over your own actions.
  • Utopia doesn’t exist --- Stop waiting for the ever elusive perfect scenario to move forward with your hopes and dreams. Dreams are made in the mire of messy lives, less than ideal situations, and a simple hope for something different. Dreams are attained or lost by the faith to see what could be even though it is not so now. Learn to dream with your eyes wide open making them a reality.

Yes, you will strike out sometimes. However, you will never even have a chance for a homerun without swinging. Swing away by applying these three principles and watch procrastination become a distant memory and the potential of success at your fingertips!

Shagae Jones
Letting Go

“Sometimes you need to let go of the person you think you are, in order to become the person you are meant to be… But the letting go, as we must all learn from experience, isn’t just a simple choice between one way of being and another. Suffering is almost always part of it… Identities die hard. And new ones take shape slowly, in increments.” --- The Gift of an Ordinary Day

I’ve sensed a letting go in my own life… letting go of perceived control. Letting go of my carefully ordered world so that my hands are open to accept what God is desiring to give me. Letting go of past regrets, pain, and sin so that I can move forward to the new thing God is working in my life. Letting go of what could have been to leave room for what is yet to come! Letting go of the person I thought I was, the one I’d packaged to the world, in the belief that God has other plans for whom I’m meant to be! You see in order for God to do His new thing in my life, my hands must be empty! I can’t be holding onto my past thought patterns, fears, trappings, or masks! To let new in, we must train ourselves to let go.

And the old identities die hard; so we experience a type of grieving as we gradually let go. We are used to our masks and our fears; it is difficult and painstaking to peel them away from our truest self --- Who we are in Christ! We grieve the deception that we were in control because now we must face the truth that we never really were in control. We grieve what can never be ours, nor should it have been. The healing balm throughout the process is the fact that God is in control of that which we release to Him. We let go, He fills up! 

Letting go doesn’t mean withdrawing; it doesn’t mean we stop caring. It just means we are no longer controlled by our past, hurts, fears, and how others perceive us. We have let go in expectation that God will fill us with what is noble, pure, true, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. He will take the old, broken vessel of who we were and create a new life within. Our lives will still show the cracks and blemishes because the glory, after all, must go to the potter, not the pot! But because we allowed ourselves to let go, we are freed to be consumed with the Potter and the new thing He is doing in our lives.





Elizabeth Caudle
Season to Just Be

Could it be life more abundantly involves slowing down, resting in His presence, and ceasing to strive and choosing instead to just be? This season has forced my hand in this department of “being”. I’m a doer by nature --- fix, nurture, teach, train, do and then breathe and do more --- full steam ahead. Someone always needed me, and I was more than willing to comply. Without even trying, I had allowed my worth to be defined by what I did. My mentality embraced the lie that “being” wasn’t enough; there’d be time for that later.

Fast forward to later… my kids are off to college literally across the country (I either did something terribly wrong or terribly right; the jury is still out). I was working in a job that I loved and believed I did well. However, it was full of stress, busyness, and time restraints mainly due to the nature of the work. Little time was left for me to just be and pursue my passion of studying, writing, and speaking. My husband and I had this harebrained idea that if I quit, we would be able to come and go freely as his job was flexible. We could spend weeks, even months out west watching our kids swim competitively for their colleges (they weren’t escaping us that easily). We could integrate a little of the Midwest with west coast life and thrive. “Let the adventure begin” became our motto!

Little did I know that this would be a season of such personal renewal and rebirth. For the first time I don’t have deadlines, kids to run here and there, piles of laundry (who knew that my husband and I weren’t the dirty ones), less food to prepare, and responsibilities at a minimum. The quiet and solitude that I had feared was exactly what the Physician of my soul ordered.

The thought of evaluating your life to date and exploring the coming season can be daunting, even a bit terrifying. But I found doing it with my Creator and Perfector was not at all as scary as I had anticipated. Even in review of my shortcomings and failures, I saw my Heavenly Father’s hand as he added grace and offered a generous learning curve. When I would feel myself drifting to what I had not been able to accomplish, my loving Father pointed out that the detours had added experience, depth, and compassion to my life story. The journey truly had been the substance of His story in me; it entailed the critical crisis that each story must have to be authentic and purposeful.

Every life goes through multiple seasons and various pit stops where we regroup and take inventory before moving forward. We can choose to ignore the season, hibernate until it passes but it just might be the season you’ve been awaiting. I know this present season of just being, ceasing to do and achieve, won’t last forever, but while it’s here I’m going to seize this season of life more abundantly --- I’m going to take time to slow my pace, enjoying the seemingly small things in life that are actually huge in soul nutrition (for these things are fleeting). I’m going to dare to try new things just because I have the breath, health, and energy to do so (someday I may not). I’m going to stop striving, cease performing, and just be in His presence (because I miss a lot when I don’t). This season has been given to me to remind me that being is enough and more than sufficient! So go on… just be!

“Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!.” Romans 15:13 The Message
Elizabeth Caudle