Speaking Topics

I would welcome the opportunity to walk alongside you, working together to determine the best theme, purpose, and goals for your specific group (in the areas of personal spiritual growth or leadership development/team building). Although listed below you will find potential presentation topics to spark your interest, customization to address your specific needs, goals and purpose is always encouraged. Specialized presentations for certain occasions like Christmas, Mother/Daughter Events, Company Fundraisers, etc. are available. Just ask!


Personal Spiritual Growth

“Living in the Desert”
Have you been in the desert? Are you there now? How do we survive the drought? Let’s explore causes of desert living, learn to move forward or be content in waiting, and equip our souls with His presence, His promises, and His Word so we can confidently say…“I’ve come through the wilderness into the land of milk and honey…”

“Unwrapped and Unrated”

As humans we are prone to wrap ourselves in layers of goodness and right actions, rating and placing judgement on ourselves and those around us. We are so busy attempting to prove our worthiness through devaluing others, comparing, and huffing and puffing to make ourselves look good that we have missed what is truly considered right living… relating with our Creator, Heavenly Father, and Rescuer. Let’s peel away all the layers so our lives shout the love story of each of us and our Lord.

“Idols, Temples, and Beyond ”
In our society, emphasis is put on what won’t last, the physical. Eventually, despite facelifts, tummy tucks, exercise, and health food your physical body will expire. When it comes to right living, we need to be most concerned about our Inner Temple. Let’s stop running on empty, demolish idols in our lives, and seek our Lord, first and foremost.

“Faith Unlimited”
“Faith Unlimited” is not bound by who we are or have been, but who we will be as we walk in faith and obedience.  Now is the time to throw off everything that hinders (insecurities, fears, our pasts) and step out in obedience.  Let’s put on our walking shoes because “Faith Unlimited” is knocking at our door!

“Boxes, Scraps, and Quilts” 
Are you tired of trying to keep your life neatly packaged?  It’s time to allow the Master Designer to piece the scraps of our life into a captivating quilt that is distinctly each one of us!


Leadership Development/Team Building

“Bridging Gaps”

One area for growth in an organization occurs when gaps are bridged between systems within an organization, between services to clients and between coworkers. Solidifying commonalities, appreciating the power in differences, brainstorming solutions, and communicating with one another will begin the process of bridging the gaps that seem insurmountable.

“Living in the Desert --- Conquering Burn Out”

Have you felt like you have nothing more to give? Are you dragging yourself into work with no anticipation or sense of purpose for your day? Let’s collectively identify the potential sources of desert living within your work environment and uncover ways to not only survive but thrive. Through aligning with common purposes and priorities, utilizing each other’s strengths, setting boundaries and margin, the mechanisms are established for building health within our organizations.

“Get Out of the Playpen”

Each of us are invited to rise above our current level of mediocrity and become intentional agents for change within our organization. Playpen mentality keeps us in our comfort zone (self-contained and stagnant), limiting our forward movement individually and collectively. Let’s get out of the playpen by moving counter culture to doing what everyone else is doing and nurture a culture rich in creativity and innovation!

“Addressing Unmet Expectations”

Unmet expectations are inevitable, but how an organization addresses them is key. Through evaluation, accountability, goal setting, and communication, unmet expectations can be seen as a spring board to potential growth opportunities.

Coming Soon --- “Exploring Yourself and Your World Through the Enneagram”