Be Attitudes

Do you want to live an abundant life, overflowing into the lives of others? If yes, follow these “Be” attitudes and watch how it impacts you and the world around you.

Be salt; be the difference maker who adds flavor and purpose to the lives of those around you!

Be rare; keep your word. Do what you say!

Be peaceful; live at peace with others, and when possible and healthy, seek out restoration with those you are at odds with.

Be careful; what your eyes see can make an unhealthy home in your mind, convicting you as if you had acted upon it.

Be merciful; you never know when you may need mercy.

Be humble; it’s been said people will follow a leader who is real more than one who is right.

Be loving; always do well for others even when it’s hard.

Be giving; the saying it’s more blessed to give than receive is true. Try it!

Be relational; relate authentically to your Creator for He knows you best! You can’t be the best version of yourself without this action.

Be sacrificial; abstaining from something for the right reasons provides proper perspective and purpose moving forward.

Be joyful; shove worry out of the picture as it seeks to rob you of joy.

Be forgiving; pull the weeds from your own garden rather than judging someone else’s! There’s plenty in your own garden to keep you busyJ

Be silent and receptive; the voice of Him who created you and can rescue you is often a quiet whisper. Ask, seek, and knock… and then listen!

Be unique; the path of most resistance is usually well worth the challenge.

Be productive; seek the gardener of your soul as He is the only One able to bear the necessary fruit that gives life and blessing to those around you.

Be resolute; build your life upon a foundation that will withstand the storms of life and allow you the freedom to dance in the rain!

Be still; create space to be in His presence and learn to trust again!

Be renewed… restored… rebuilt!

These “Be” attitudes may seem suspiciously familiar to those who have read chapters 5- 7 in the gospel of Matthew (the first part commonly called the Beatitudes). Recently, while reading these passages, I grabbed my journal and allowed the pen to quickly travel across the paper in an attempt to capture at least a portion of how Christ might utilize these principles within our lives. However, I know that many of you may not share my faith. Even so, most of these “Be” attitudes can still be applied to your life and bring benefit. If you pursue the ultimate endeavor (seeking the One who created you and holds the keys to your purpose- filled future), I believe you will be blessed beyond measure!

Shagae Jones