Princess Transformation

Recently, I was watching the Disney movie, The Princess Diaries, for at least the tenth time. It’s one of those timeless movies where the girl is amazingly transformed, wins the boy, and discovers she’s a princess. Makes a great movie, but not true to real life. Or is it?


The whole premise of the movie is the decision Mia will have to make --- will she claim her true heritage. She has been living an ordinary teenage life, but unbeknownst to her, she was born for royalty. She can either seize this calling/duty, or she can abdicate. It doesn’t change who she really is; however, it does change how she will live her life. In fact, she is told, “No one can quit being who they are… you can refuse the job, but you are a princess by birth.”

Can you see the spiritual parallels in our own lives? Most of us are cruising along in life attempting to be satisfied with mediocrity. However, resting deep within us is the knowledge that our lives are meant for so much more! We are all born with the potential to claim our God-given identity as a child of the Almighty King. We do have a choice; we can choose to abdicate, but the ramifications are disastrous. Imagine living a life that you were never created to live. We’ve done everything to “fit in” when God had every intention of us “standing out” when He created us. Think about it. No great artist would create a masterpiece with the intentions of it blending in with all other paintings or drawings. They create it to stand out, to make a statement, to point to its creator! God has made each of us a masterpiece with specific talents and resources. He wants us to accept our birthright in Him so that our lives stand out as an example of Whose we are.

What is difficult to see currently is the transformation awaiting us when we choose wholeheartedly to be identified as a prince or princess of the Almighty King! The outcome is radical and life-changing as we seize our true identities as children of the King. So go ahead, come like Mia (you have to watch the movie to understand this)J, soaking wet, dressed in who knows what, imperfect, and broken --- and watch what The King of Kings will do in your life when you choose Him. You might want to buckle up because you are in for the ride of a lifetime!




Elizabeth Caudle