Got Books?

Books have been my solace amidst chaos, my escape from the mundane, my exploration into unknown worlds. A good story weaves itself into my heart, taking me captive until the final written word. Delving into the written word has the power to inspire, literally changing the direction of its recipient. Biographies share experience and wisdom gained by our fellow sojourners as they tackle specific struggles, overcome obstacles, pursue hope, and remind us of what is possible. Overall, the words penned on sheets of paper have:

v  Entertained

v  Inspired

v  Coached

v  Reminded me of Truth

v  Allowed me to Dream

v  Hope

v  Believe

v  Changed my perspective

v  And readjusted my view on life

Pouring over the written word has allowed me the privilege to enter another’s world and leave a bit different than when the first word was read. Thought provoking questions, hope secure as an anchor, inspiration that influences behavior and direction, navigational devices for the future, entertainment ---all these are reasons to read.

Don’t have money for a vacation, open a book to travel anywhere you want. Feel stuck in life? Turn the pages of a biography to see how others have learned to rise above their difficulties. Need a break from reality? Feast your eyes on a story that takes you to another place. In a perpetual cycle of hopelessness? Dive into the pages of the Living Word, otherwise known as the Bible. You might be surprised by what you find.

Don’t allow reading to become a lost art in your life.  

Now where did I leave that book?

Shagae Jones